Personal Plus Kit


It is simple, quick and safe to use. Two minutes a day is all it takes to start to improve your health. 


Provides all the testing equipment you need to begin the analysis.


Receive clear instructions and health status reporting. You will know what’s right for you.

The Kit

All the instruments are those used by our professionals in their clinics and are designed to withstand the higher volume use.

The Personal Plus BE Kit is suited to families and small groups who will be conducting more tests. However, it is also for those personal users who wish for premium testing equipment. 




The System

Analytical data in real time, to support your wellness program and monitor your progress.

The Personal Plus BE Kit allows you to test yourself, family or small groups, at your place or away from home, anywhere around the world.



BE Kit Contents

Horiba Conductivity Meter

Determine conductivity of a solution from a single drop of a sample


Horiba pH Meter

Accurate pH measurements in a few seconds, from a single drop. 



Measures dissolved solids in liquid and is expressed as Brix.


Dropper Bottle

Used for distributing urine samples to instruments.



Urine Sample Containers

Containers are included for use in your use at home.


Calibration Fluids

Fluids included in the package to calibrate your instruments.


Every package includes

Access Any time. Anywhere

24/7 unlimited access to Tests/Reporting. No matter where you are in the world you can review test results and reporting online.


Extensive Instructions

Knowledge is power and as such we provide not only extensive information in each package but access to our ever growing online resources.  


Package Upgrade

We’ve made it flexible to change your Package type from monthly to yearly or from individual to professional.


Personal Plus Package

When you are ready to take your health to the next level!

 Personal Plus BE Kit

 BE App Subscription (up to 5 users)


Start your journey – Take back control


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