“Balance Energy Australia (BEA) is a privately-owned company specializing in health technology and information, based in Newcastle, Australia. Our primary mission is to equip our clients with actionable information regarding their personal biochemistry, ensuring accessibility for those seeking the truth about their health when it matters most.”

We are committed to delivering real-time information on personal health to people around the world, empowering individuals to achieve better health outcomes and reach their optimum well-being. Our system is based on science related to fundamental biological ionization theory and expanded upon over 12 years of research. Our passion is to provide this technology in an easy-to-use and simple-to-follow system for our clients to achieve optimal health. Whether it’s sports performance, recovery, or lifestyle health issues, our aim is to deliver a personal, affordable self-health improvement system that works.

BEA designs and assembles its system and technologies in Australia, with the aim of putting “YOUR HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS.”

We encourage everyone to undergo regular and simple non-invasive analysis of their urine and saliva. This test provides a post-digestive insight into the efficiency of each person’s biochemistry. Based on an individual’s analysis, we suggest the correct foods, exercise, minerals, supplementation and fluids. Our unique software system provides detailed what to take, what to do, and what to eat instructions along with a comprehensive tracking history including your overall Health Score.”


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Your Health In Your Hands