BE Business Package


Package includes: 

  • Professional BE Kit
  • Testing Equipment
  • Charts and Resources
  • Workstation

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The Professional Package is a complete in-clinic setup to begin using the BE Kit in your profession. Each practitioner is required to complete full online training to begin using in clinic.

Once you start testing clients and seeing the results, it is clearly demonstrated in analytical software how your clients benefit from the BE system. The system is supported by the BE App Software System. The Package includes the Professional BE Kit with premium testing instruments for high volume use and lab equipment to complete 7 number testing. We will provide you with a workstation to store your supplements, mini kits, and testing equipment (photographed).

Practitioners that invest in a world-first analysis and software system will also learn how to grow your online business with Phillip Rankin – Balance Energy Australia, Founder.

It includes the following equipment:

  • Professional Carry Case
  • 1 x Horiba pH. Meter
  • 1 x Horiba Conductivity Meter
  • 1 x Refractometer
  • 50 x extra specimen containers
  • Testing equipment to complete 7 numbers
  • Calibration Fluids
  • Workstation

Resources and Training:

  • 24/7 Access to Tests/Reporting software
  • Professional Manuals and instruction videos

The Professional BE Kit

You will receive the complete Professional BE Kit, 50 Urine containers, charts, storage boxes, and Postal BE Kits via Courier. You will also receive emails with your learning modules and BE App software setup. This will allow you to start testing 4 numbers and familiarise yourself with the equipment and software.

The complete “WorkStation” trolley set up and “The Red Box” for the implementation of 7 number testing into your clinic will also be sent out on payment receival in separate packages. Familiarise yourself with the equipment through regular self testing and completing the Learning Modules.

After you have completed a portion of your training and have done sufficient self tests we will be in touch to determine whether you are ready to go ahead to implement the BE system into your clinic setting.

You will then be instructed to purchase the required chemicals for 7 number BE testing from our trusted supplier to complete your workstation. These allow you to test 7 numbers for your clients to give a clear picture of their individual health status. These chemicals are reserved for practitioners and health professionals only as they are required to be used in a controlled and safe environment.